45the buildings were full […] escorted away drunks: Building entry logs and security notes as well as author’s April 21, 2008, interview with a DynCorp company official who said the group’s first mission had been “to provide assistance to any survivors that may have been left behind or inadvertently may have been unable to be evacuated” from Tenet’s hospitals. One mystifying incident the DynCorp team was asked about by Tenet concerned media reports of a suspicious body seen by San Diego National Guardsmen and a news crew at Memorial. The incident is partially described in Brinkley, Douglas.The Great Deluge:Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans, and the Mississippi Gulf Coast (New York: Harper Perennial, 2007), p. 606. Brinkley wrote that freelance reporters for NBC followed the sounds of a radio tuned to WWL to a room where they found a woman was dead, covered in blood. NBC kindly provided a screening copy of Anthony Zumbado’s footage to the author, but it shows only one body, on a gurney with no blood, partially covered by a sheet; attorneys for the family of Leon Preston later identified this body to the author as Mr. Preston, the named plaintiff inPreston, et al v. Tenet. The author spoke with Anthony Zumbado, the videographer, but he was unable to provide more details. The Guardsmen apparently alleged the woman had been sexually abused, but did not offer how they ascertained this. The DynCorp company official interviewed by the author said that while his team also saw bodies in the emergency room, they were covered and“we didn’t see anything abnormal about the way they were resting, so to speak.” He pointed out, reasonably, that to ascertain sexual assault would have involved an invasive examination; it is hard to imagine the National Guardsmen conducted one when they walked through the hospital. A possible case of sexual violence came to light at a settlement hearing in thePreston, et al v. Tenet class action case. A former patient alleged that a hospital orderly had assaulted her in her room. Her attorney, Anthony Irpino, told the author that the judge granted her request for more funds. Buy Coumadin now and get great discounts! No prescription needed. Buy Ceftin now and save 20% Buy Exelon now and save 20%

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To promote the mental, physical and emotional well-being of individuals and families in northeast Florida by providing easily accessible, culturally competent, quality-based clinical services.

A future where everyone experiences a holistically better quality of life and has access to effective treatment and support essential for living, working, learning and fully participating in the community.

Quality improvement: It is a systematic approach to assessing and improving services on a priority