Grant Programs

CRC is excited and proud to be working with our community at a new level in efforts to make every life whole. We have been blessed to receive funding from SAMHSA for multiple grants. These grants work for prevention of HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C and substance abuse in our community, with the help of centers as the Asheville Recovery Center for this, through information, education, counseling, and treatment. These grants, Project AIM, Project STAR and PHASES, have come together to form the EPT Squad and are making CRC proud each and every day. For more information on what these programs are, what they do, and how to get in contact with them please visit:
They are also active on multiple social media platforms so please follow the following accounts for information and updates on events and the best resources like a site to contact alcohol rehab online.

snapchat: @projectphases

Project AIM:
snapchat: projectaim254

Project STAR: