Verna Cash

Verna Cash

CRC helped Verna identify and control her feelings and think positively

Verna Cash has struggled with bipolar and schizophrenia disorders since she was 16 years old. In spite of it, she managed to live a normal life until her mid-30s when she fell into depression and started going in and out of the hospital.

“I didn’t have any hope for myself,” she said. “I thought I was going to be sick for the rest of my life. I started coming here and it changed me.”

She started attending CRC group therapy in March 2007, which Verna said helped her to learn how to think positively, as well as to identify and control the panic attacks she would experience. “You have to think about why you are having it. What is wrong with me? Once you find out, you can control it and take it away,” she said.

She said the CRC staff has been very supportive. “When I am having a struggle, I know I can come here, and I will have someone to talk to. They help you to feel better,” said Verna.

Among the things she has enjoyed at CRC is the prayer and the volunteering she has done. She also appreciates the room in an assisted living facility that CRC helped her find. Most of all, Verna loves the fact that she hasn’t seen the inside of a mental health hospital since she started coming to CRC.

“I don’t feel like I am sick,” she said. “If I’d stayed home, I am pretty sure I would be sick. When you sit at home, all you can do is sleep, eat and clean your room up. I don’t like hanging around and staring at four walls. I like doing something positive. This is positive.”