Tonya West

Tonya West

We would like to recognize a client that has successfully progressed through our program and is now enjoying the focus, drive and stability that we want for all of our clients.

When Jacksonville resident Tonya West came to Community Rehab Center (CRC) in 2010 diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, she says she was very angry, aggressive and at times even violent. Life for her was a struggle as she tried to manage her disorder on her own. “I used to hurt people, just because I was mad. I felt like nobody cared about me or the stuff I was going through”.

She says that when she came to CRC, she desperately needed helped reigning in all of her thoughts, emotions and feelings in order to properly communicate with others. Her Group Leader, Kenyetta Wright, says that Tonya used to be more than a handful to deal with, but that her refuge was right here on Beachwood Street, at CRC. “If you would’ve seen her when she first got here, man. She Used to throw chairs and curse at people, but now she’s pretty on top of everything.”

Over the last 5 years, Tonya has made significant progress through the all-inclusive programming provided at CRC. Our programs have helped her pinpoint ways to calm herself down when she feels anxious, her favorite being music. “I like Kool Moe D, that song the Wild Wild West, and a song by LL Cool J, where he says Momma Said Knock You Out. I like how the music helps me stay calm.”

Tonya loves to smile and laugh, is respectful of others and is very observant of her surroundings, a far cry from her form during intake. She says that being here has completely changed her life, adding that she would not be the same person that she is today, had she not come here. “I love coming to the CRC because I know the people here care about me, that was the problem before. I have a lot of friends here now.”

Tonya uses her medication regularly as prescribed, attends group sessions daily and is building the stability within herself to function on her own with confidence and optimism, earning her the nickname “Butterfly” at CRC; a fitting title for such a transformation! In the future, Tonya is focused on getting her G.E.D., and hopes to move into the Vocational program at CRC. Her goal is get a job at a restaurant so that she can do what she loves the most, which is clean. When asked where she would rate her progress at CRC on a scale from one to ten, Tonya replied, “A 10 out of 10, the CRC really helped me, I love it here.”

Ms. West is yet another shining example of the positive affects achieved through holistic and targeted programming for all clients, and we salute her dedication to achieving her ideal self. Well done Ms. Tonya West!