Neccie Nash

 Neccie Nash

Spending time at CRC brought Neccie out of a “walking coma”

Even Neccie Nash’s friend at CRC says she has been “through it.”

When she was in her early 20s, she was raped, then harassed until it put her into a mental hospital. And one night her drink was laced with a substance that damaged her vocal chords.

When Neccie, now 28, came to CRC in 2009, she was in what she calls a “walking coma.” She was there physically, but not mentally. She sat in at group therapy and other day treatment activities, but didn’t talk with anyone and spent her time surfing the Internet. Despite the fog she was in, Niccie learned that she wasn’t the only girl who had been raped. She also began to feel safe at CRC.

“Mr. Stanley would often come around and check on me. He was always there for me,” she said.

After a year, her laptop broke. With no place to escape to, Neccie was forced to wake up and start talking to people. She soon started to help set up and clean up lunch for the other clients, as well as help in the office.

Though she has been through it, she has come out the other side. She is no longer afraid to talk to people or express her feelings. Stable on her medication, she hasn’t relapsed in about a year. And she considers CRC her second home.

“I like how they get people off the street, rehabilitate them and love them,” she said.