Chelsea Hunt

Chelsea HuntImagine the heartache Chelsea Hunt felt when she received the call that confirmed that the tumors were indeed cancer. She was numb and totally devastated. She could not imagine how my life would be. After the initial shock, she took on a life of prayer and faith, like never before; thanking God for the life that she had lived and for the life that she would continue to have. She had a double mastectomy, with immediate reconstruction and six months of chemo therapy. She had to stop working for about a year and lean on the shoulders of her husband and love ones who provided care for her around the clock. Today, she is alive and well. She is living a life free of cancer. Her diagnosis taught her that life is about living and giving of you. We must live each day as if it were our last and love others as if we will never have another chance to do so.

As a result of her journey she was able to build a platform, Minnie Tatas, Inc. Minnie Tatas is a foundation designed to bring about awareness, education and support to the community concerning breast health. Minnie Tatas, Inc conducts health fairs, conferences and shares information on Minnie Tatas, Inc provides community resources to everyone, but especially those directly affected by a diagnosis of breast cancer and their families. Annually, the foundation is the host of a Mini Pink Power Walk and Prayer and a Celebration of Life Block Party and Health Fair. Throughout the year, Minnie Tatas provides Care Baskets to individuals who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and who may or may not have to receive chemo and/or radiation treatments. Each basket contains items to cater to the individual’s mental, emotional and physical needs throughout their journey

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